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Price & Services

To begin with, I want to get an overview of what is to be done, so when I know what the research is about, I will assess the possibilities for obtaining data. This initial survey is free.


What I can help with are most things related to research in the available church books, tax records, and if needed, court books. I’ll find when and where the person was born, married, and died, the parents, and, if there were any siblings. I note everything of interest that might be recorded about the person in the sources.


Then, for example, we can limit the research to a certain number of generations or concentrate on a straight line with just your ancestors, without siblings. Or maybe just one individual's life history.

Normally it is possible to follow your roots back to the end of the 17th century or the beginning of the 18th century, depending on if the church records still exist. If "your" parish has church records that started to be kept early, it might be possible to get even further back in time, as well as if you have nobility or priests in your tree.

Do you have an old document that you need help to read, translate or transcribe? No problem, I can do that too.

Or do you want to find living relatives in Sweden? I'll find them for you.

Did your ancestors come from Viking areas, or maybe you have just bumped into a brick wall in your own research? I love brick walls!

Have you taken a DNA test and need some help to analyze the result and how you are related to all the matches?

There are many different options for research, so please contact me and we will discuss an arrangement that suits you.


Of course, I use only original sources and first-hand information in my research! The digital archives I utilize are primarily Arkiv Digital, SVAR, and Ancestry, but also other sources if needed.

When the research is completed the report will be delivered in digital transmission.

My work is normally on an hourly rate and costs 45 USD/ hour.

Of course, it is very difficult to predict how long time the research will take, but three generations backward with all children and data in the 19th and 20th century, usually take around 10 hours to find, if there are no major obstacles.

Payment is made either with PayPal or with a deposit in Our Swedish Roots' bank account when the ordered research assignment is completed.

(When PayPal is used I'll add 4,5 % of the sum for covering half of PayPal's fee for the money transfer)

The company is approved for F-tax and registered for VAT

Old Swedish hand writing from a court book in 1706
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