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Swedish family in the early 1900s in Västergötland

Discover your family history and remember those who lived before you.

Welcome to Our Swedish Roots, a page for Swedish genealogy.

I am a professional genealogist specializing in Swedish ancestry and Swedish emigration research, but I also take assignments concerning Norwegian, Danish, and Åland genealogy.

There can be many reasons why one wants to have a family tree.

First of all, it is a joy to give your children, and in the future their children, a family tree that tells the story of your family. It is also satisfying not to let one's ancestors fall into oblivion, but that they are remembered.

Then it is very exciting to be able to locate your family on the history map, and perhaps be able to place your ancestors in a historical context, such as war, if you have soldiers in your tree.

It gives a sense of security in knowing one's background and being able to see an unbroken line of ancestors. Humans have always had a need to belong.


Many descendants of emigrants have the feeling of longing for something, and in my job as a professional genealogist, I have noticed that it can make a big difference when these people get the names of their ancestors and a geographical area where to place their roots. 

If you have taken a DNA test, it may be useful to have a family tree to find out how you are related to your matches.

Or, you might have inherited a family tree that needs to be verified or completed.

As said, there can be many various reasons why one wants to have a family tree.




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